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LOA Testing Suspended

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Hi Debbie,

We are suspending testing for LOA because we have run out of carrier/affected control sample. When we first offered the test, we got some affected and carrier sample from the lab in the UK where the mutation was identified. In all the years of testing here we have had 1 dog, with testing purchased via OFA, that tested “CARRIER”. We’ve used up all the DNA from the original samples, and from that one carrier sample, using them as the control for LOA testing. We cannot run the test without a carrier and/or affected control, so unless someone can come up with a carrier and send us a blood sample to provide DNA, we cannot run this test and know that we have valid results. In addition, if everyone is testing NORMAL, what’s the point in taking people’s money for testing?

Please let your JRTCA people know that this test is no longer offered.

Liz Hansen
Animal Molecular Genetics Laboratory
University of Missouri – College of Veterinary Medicine