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We have posted several articles related to vision/eye problems in Jack Russell Terriers.  Read more.

Neonatal Ataxia mutation in Jack Russell Terriers found in May 2019.  Read more about NNA.

To update health information on a terrier with blood in the JRT DNA Bank, please use the DNA Bank Update form.

The JRT Health Registry went live in April 2015.  Read more.

The Spinocerebellar Ataxia Mutation was found in December 2012.  Read more about SCA.

The gene for Primary Lens Luxation was isolated in the Jack Russell in September 2009. Read more about PLL.

The Degenerative Myelopathy mutation was found in the Jack Russell in December 2008. Read more about DM.

JRT Health Registry Statistics

Dogs Tests
726 2188
Total 294 267 669 586 243 38 31 16
Normal 273 267 282 258 148 24 30 13
Carrier 0 0 57 22 38 9 0 1
Affected 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0
NBD     329 306 57 3 1 2

As of Jan 24, 2020

What is the JRT Health Registry?  If you are a breeder, prospective dog owner or someone looking for a highly trained Jack Russell Terrier for specific service work, hunting or the show ring, understanding your dog’s genetic health will help you make better decisions concerning your dog.  All terriers are encouraged to be submitted – you don’t have to be a breeder to help us ensure the genetic health of our breed for many years to come.

Submit your Jack Russell Terrier and test results to the JRT Health Registry.

Testing Forms

Genetic testing forms can be found in the Forms Library.

To update health information on a terrier with blood in the JRT DNA Bank, please use the DNA Bank Update form.

Normal By Descent (NBD)

When a dog tests Normal it means he is carrying two normal copies of the gene in question, therefore he can only pass on a normal copy. When two normal tested dogs are bred their off-spring will also carry two normal copies, hence the term NBD.

However there’s one important aspect being forgotten. This rule only holds true if you are using gene based testing. If you use marker tests or linkage tests you must test every generation. This is why AKC and OFA will only certify first generation NBD’s from gene based testing and WILL NOT certify NBD’s from marker and linkage testing.

Read More About NBD