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JRT Health Registry

Submit Test Results to the JRT Health Registry

Did you know that the Jack Russell Terrier has a Health Registry? If you did know, are your dogs entered? If not, go straight to the submission form. It is easy and free! All terriers are encouraged to be submitted... you don't have to be a breeder to help us ensure the genetic health of our breed for many years to come.

Whether your terriers hunt or breed or show or are beloved pets, we welcome them all to help us paint a picture of the health of the breed and enable us to make informed decisions for the healthiest that our Jack Russell Terriers can be. Spayed and neutered terriers are still Jack Russells, so don't let that keep you from submitting them.

If you are a breeder, prospective dog owner or someone looking for a highly trained Jack Russell Terrier for specific service work, hunting or the show ring, understanding your dog's genetic health will help you make better decisions concerning your dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier Health Registry ( will allow you to perform the following: