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Myokymia: Continuous Muscle Fibre Activity

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Continuous muscle fibre activity was observed in a crossbred dog, a Yorkshire terrier, a border collie and three Jack Russell terriers. The clinical signs consisted of episodes of generalised myokymia which developed into muscle stiffness and delayed muscle relaxation and generally led to the dogs collapsing into lateral recumbency. These episodes were preceded by intense facial rubbing in three of the dogs, and were associated with severe hyperthermia in five of them. All three Jack Russell  terriers showed continuous ataxia. The dogs had above normal activities of aspartate aminotransferase, alanine  aminotransferase and creatine kinase, but their cerebrospinal fluid was normal. Myokymic discharges were observed by electromyography in two of the dogs. Two of them were treated with membrane-stabilising agents, with variable results.

View Myokymia Paper (PDF) – December 2004

By L. Van Ham, S. Bhatti, I. Polis, R. Fatzer, K. Braund, H. Thoonen